I recently spoke at the Florida Coalition to End Homelessness conference, where I discussed data-driven strategies to make social service agencies more effective and efficient. The talk covers key aspects such as performance monitoring, advocating for more resources, and implementing advanced data analytics using tools like Tableau and Google Apps Script.

I have uploaded the full presentation on YouTube and invite you to watch it. The video tackles:

  • The Dual-Action Principle: How to make the most of your existing resources while simultaneously securing additional support.

  • System-Level Response: Why we need to change the yardstick for measuring success.

  • Real Examples: How I've applied these strategies in my career, including my work as CTO at a continuum of care, where I transformed data practices to drive actionable insights.

Why watch this video?

  • Get practical advice on optimizing resources.

  • Learn how to leverage data to make impactful decisions.

  • Understand the importance of advocacy in securing more funding.

This presentation distills years of experience and insights into actionable takeaways that you can implement right away. So, please, take a moment to enhance your toolkit and bring your organization closer to its mission.

As a bonus, the presentation slide deck contains an additional section covering how organizations can use AI to enhance their operations, marketing, and overall efficiency. The slide deck also contains speaking notes for deeper dives into each slide.

Click here to download the presentation slide deck: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDE DECK

Feel free to share this resource with your colleagues or anyone else you think would benefit from this information. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the topics further, I'm always here to talk.

PS: Your feedback is invaluable. After watching, please let me know what you think and how you plan to implement these strategies.

Thank you for your time, and together, let's make strides in ending homelessness once and for all.


Gaither Stephens

[email protected]