Updated HMIS Powered Snapshot Dashboard!

The Community Snapshot Dashboard has been updated with more visualizations, information keys, and an improved color scheme. The System Flow by Last Exit utilizes a Sankey chart to display the Living Situation that someone entered the project under and the Destination where they went to when they left the project. This visualization can also be shown by different dimensions selectable by the viewer such as by Project, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender!

Need System Performance Help?

Feeling the System Performance Measures crunch?  Use the Community Performance Dashboard to examine your year-to-year comparisons from 2018-2019 BEFORE you click submit to HUD!  As long as you have your preliminary information in HDX, you can use the dashboard to see what kind of shape you are in for the NOFA BEFORE you commit your…

Thank You Pinellas Homeless Leadership Board!

We had a great demonstration today with some of the HMIS team at Pinellas Homeless Leadership Board. We’re looking forward to their feedback on our APR dashboard and working with them far into the future. Thank you so much for your time and help!

Thank You United Way of North Central Florida!

Over the next few months, Gaither Dynamic will be looking for more organizations to partner with in testing out our automated data visualization dashboard software. We are thrilled to announce that the United Way of North Central Florida will be trialing our APR dashboard. We appreciate their willingness to provide feedback and look forward to…

Thank You Gulf Coast Partnership!

We are excited to announce that we are working with FL-602 to bring data dashboards to all Continuums of Care across the country.  By providing feedback and support, Gulf Coast Partnership is helping Gaither Dynamic become a pioneer in the field of automated data visualization dashboards. I look forward to continued feed back from Angela…