Chief Operating Officer

Meet Lance Mendenhall, the COO of Gaither Dynamic, a technical maestro with a penchant for problem-solving, and a mind as sharp as a mathematician's compass. His journey with Gaither Dynamic started long before the company's inception, back in the buzzing radio stations of Cincinnati, Ohio. And no, it wasn't WKRP, but the experience was every bit as memorable!

A long-time Cincinnati area native with a degree in Computer Science from Xavier University, Lance found his calling in programming as a teenager. His love for code translated into a flourishing career in radio operations, where he worked alongside Gaither Stephens. Together, they orchestrated a symphony of technology, far from the comical antics of WKRP but with no less passion and flair.

Lance's technical acumen extends well beyond the airwaves. With proficiency in Python, C++, Java, Scala, and SQL, he's a data engineer par excellence. His sharp mathematical mind lends itself to crafting solutions that are not just functional but elegantly designed.

As a father of three, Lance's home life in the greater Cincinnati area is a delightful blend of family joy and a humorous struggle with a self-proclaimed "12-step program for Mario Kart addiction." His playful spirit only adds to his unique professional approach, turning challenges into puzzles and puzzles into masterpieces.

Joining Gaither Dynamic as COO, Lance brought his considerable expertise and an innate ability to see the potential in every problem. The company's mission to make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time found in Lance the perfect partner, someone who could translate numbers into narratives with an artistry that resonates.

Lance Mendenhall's story is one of creativity, intellect, and a commitment to excellence. His collaboration with Gaither Stephens, from radio waves to data waves, has shaped a company that's not just innovative but also infused with a warmth and wisdom that sets it apart.

Together at Gaither Dynamic, Gaither and Lance are more than CEO and COO; they're a dynamic duo, combining their talents to create something truly special. And while it might not be WKRP, their journey is every bit as engaging, every bit as inspired, and every bit as unforgettable.