Community Dashboards Made Easy!

Save valuable time

In less time that it takes to make a cup of coffee you can upload fresh data for your dashboard using our simple data submission form.

Save Money

Our dashboards are affordable and are much more cost effective than hiring a full-time data scientist or visualization guru.

Improve data Quality

No HMIS experience is needed to interact with the dashboards, giving anyone the ability to gleam insights and discover possible data quality issues.

Tell Your Story

Give your stakeholders a compelling story. Take complicated reports and make them easy to understand and relate.

Choose the perfect plan

When you purchase one of our data dashboards you are getting security, reliability, and quality support.  We will work with your existing staff to bring your data to life!  Dashboards can be embedded in any website, generate PDF’s for reports, and are mobile friendly.  No additional software needed!  Paid dashboards come with 1-year of support, nightly data updates, and email, help desk, and phone support.  All dashboards are mobile and tablet friendly.  No extra software needed!


per year

Community ANalysis

  • Visualization of the Annual Performance Report out of HMIS
  • People served, demographics, veterans, chronically homeless, and more
  • Upload your own data every day for a different dashboard experience
  • Data Quality Analysis


per year

Community Snapshot

  • Data deep dives using the HUD CSV out of HMIS
  • Demographics
  • Community Performance and Impact
  • Interactive
  • Multiple filters
  • Project type and project level data available
  • Performance trends


per year

Community Performance

  • Visualization of your community's System Performance Measures out of HDX
  • PIT data
  • People, Length of Time, Returns to Homelessness, and more!
  • Over 30 pages of visualizations
  • Year to Year comparisons