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About Gaither Dynamic

At Gaither Dynamic, we harness the transformative power of data to ignite social change. Our bespoke community dashboards are meticulously designed. They turn complex data into clear, actionable insights. This propels organizations and communities towards effective solutions for homelessness. We specialize in translating intricate datasets into intuitive visual narratives. These narratives empower policy development, enhance service delivery, and optimize resource allocation.

Our commitment to data comprehensiveness and reporting accuracy sets us apart. Gaither Dynamic provides stakeholders with essential tools. These tools drive policy insights, track housing metrics, and measure outcomes with precision. We focus on more than just numbers. We emphasize the stories they tell and their impact on the real world. Welcome to clarity in action. Welcome to Gaither Dynamic.

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Community Impact


Boldly showcase your organization’s dedication to preventing and ending homelessness in the community with HMIS powered data dashboards. Highlight your commitment to helping individuals and enhancing community trust by sharing clear, actionable insights based on the data you collect!

Cross-Technical Compliance


Effortlessly transition your data from any HMIS vendor software into our dynamic dashboards. Designed for universal compatibility and compliance with 2024 HUD Data Standards and programming specifications

Data Simplicity


No additional software installation is required — simply upload your data through our secure user-friendly Data Submission Form and let our system work its magic. At the end of this effortless process, you are presented with a beautiful, dynamic data dashboard.

Trusted Hosting


Our dashboards ensure the utmost protection and uninterrupted access to your data, leveraging Google‘s robust infrastructure for secure hosting. Coupled with Tableau‘s advanced platform, we provide a reliable and cutting-edge visualization experience. Data security and consistent dashboard availability remain our top priorities.

Continuous Innovation


Our dashboards are more than just tools; they represent our ongoing commitment to the evolving landscape of homelessness and technology. We actively engage with industry advancements, ensuring that our solutions not only adapt to but also anticipate the future needs of social services. Stay ahead with dashboards that evolve as rapidly as the field itself, driving continuous improvement and informed decision-making in your community.

Autonomous Control


Get up and running quickly with our user-empowered dashboards, designed for effortless data management and automatic refreshes. We provide the vehicle for your data journey — all you need to do is fuel it with your data to take off! Stay consistently equipped with the latest insights, effortlessly.




AI in Social Services – A presentation by Gaither Stephens @ NHSDC Spring 2024 in Kansas City, MO

In our recent presentation at the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) Spring 2024 conference in Kansas City, MO, we explored the significant role of artificial intelligence, particularly AI Chatbots including ChatGPT, in transforming social services. Our session highlighted the practical benefits of AI in enhancing operational efficiency and advocating for increased funding. We demonstrated

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Enhancing Social Service Organizations Through Technology Presentation

I recently spoke at the Florida Coalition to End Homelessness conference, where I discussed data-driven strategies to make social service agencies more effective and efficient. The talk covers key aspects such as performance monitoring, advocating for more resources, and implementing advanced data analytics using tools like Tableau and Google Apps Script.

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Speaking Engagement at the Florida Coalition to End Homelessness Conference 2023

Join me on Thursday, October 5, from 9:15am-10:45am in Orlando, Florida, as I delve into data-driven solutions to tackle homelessness. I’ll discuss how improving data quality and implementing performance metrics can drive change. This session is not just for those in social services; its insights apply broadly to any organization aiming for operational excellence.

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