Getting Started


Generate and download your report file. For the Community Analysis this will be APR in zip file format out of your HMIS. For the Community Performance it will be the xls file provided from HDX. For the Community Snapshot it will be a HUD CSV or RHYMIS Export file from your HMIS in standard zip file format.


Fill out the data submission form with the information you want on your dashboard, fill in your unique dashboard code provided by Gaither Dynamic, and upload your data file.


Use the embed code provided by Gaither Dynamic to embed your unique dashboard into your website.


Your dashboard will refresh with the new data overnight, or you can request a faster refresh by submitting a ticket using the help desk. Enjoy your dashboard!


  1. Your Dashboard Report Code (Report Code) is used when submitting data via the data submission form and is unique to each dashboard. View the Report Codes tutorial.
  2. Your Embed Code can be copied and pasted into any web page to display the dashboard on a website.
  3. Once your data has been submitted using the data submission form, your dashboard will pull the data and automatically update within 24 of the last automatic refresh that took place (this means your data can take up to 48 hours to show up on the dashboard).  If you require your dashboard to be updated sooner, contact [email protected].
  • To populate a Community Analysis Dashboard, generate an APR zip file from your HMIS and submit it using the data submission form.  When processing an APR zip file you will need to make sure that popups are allowed for the site.
  • The Community Performance Dashboard uses the System Performance Measures Report available in HDX*.
  • To populate the Community Dynamic Dashboard, manually input data using the provided Google Sheet interface.
  • The Community Snapshot Dashboard and Community Equity Dashboard use the HUD CSV  or RHYMIS Export out of your HMIS in standard zip file format (if your HMIS produces a 7zip file then you will need to convert the file to standard zip before uploading it). I recommend IZArc for converting 7z files to standard zip files and CSVed to edit any csv files without changing the underlying file structure. It’s recommended that you start with only a year or two of data, but more can be used depending on the number of clients in the data. THE SUBMITTED FILE FOR THE SNAPSHOT DASHBOARD MUST BE A .ZIP FILE!!!

*Below is a screenshot showing the SysPM Report location in HDX:

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