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An HMIS is just a database, it's what you do with the data that matters!
- Gaither Stephens, CEO

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View one of our current data dashboards or contact us for a short demonstration of how easy it is for us to build you a dashboard from your data!


Update your dashboard as often as you would like using our data submission form and transformation software. Never get stuck with a stale dashboard or boring report again!


Use your data to tell compelling stories through visualizations and embed them directly into your website so that your audience can truly appreciate the work your organization accomplishes.


Only using aggregated data stored on Google servers, no client level data is ever uploaded to our servers or used to make our data visualization dashboards. We take data security and privacy seriously.

Our prices are affordable and can save you tens of thousands of dollars the first year alone

Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Ben Schneiderman

People want compelling stories, not boring reports

Feature Highlights

Unlimited Updates

Your dashboard will automatically update nightly. Want your dashboard to update even faster? Just submit a help desk ticket and we will have you covered in no time!​

No More Stale Data

You are in control of your dashboard. Simply upload your data using our data submission form and in less than 24 hours, your dashboard will update automatically.​

Data Security

By only using aggregate data and deleting all PII from internal datasets, we never have access to identifiable client data. This means that your client's personally identifiable data stays where it belongs, in your system, and out of ours.​

Smart AI Algorithms

Our AI knows what reports you are uploading and processes them automatically into a data dashboard that you can embed on any site you choose.​

Report Transformation

Our process takes zip files with hundreds of csv files, excel files, etc. and transforms them into data sources perfect for using with visualization software such as Tableau.​

Data Services

We use Google data services for all of our data processing, scripting, and data storage. State-of-the-art technology and reliability provide 99.9% up-time for our products.​

Tableau Public

We use Tableau Public for its robust abilities such as native embedding in websites, responsive design capabilities, and reliable data dashboard hosting.​

Tableau Desktop

All of our dashboards are created in Tableau Desktop enabling quick updates, advanced tools, and the most up to date visualizations available today.​

Fast and Easy to Use

Simply use our online web form to upload your report, add customizations, and maintain your dashboards as often as you like.​  The process takes about 3-5 minutes.


From our blog

Thank You Opening Doors Northwest Florida!

Over the next few months, Gaither Dynamic will be looking for more organizations to partner with in testing out our automated data visualization dashboard software. We are thrilled to announce that the Opening Doors Northwest Florida will be trialing our APR dashboard. We appreciate their willingness to provide feedback and …

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Thank You United Way of North Central Florida!

Over the next few months, Gaither Dynamic will be looking for more organizations to partner with in testing out our automated data visualization dashboard software. We are thrilled to announce that the United Way of North Central Florida will be trialing our APR dashboard. We appreciate their willingness to provide …

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Thank You Gulf Coast Partnership!

We are excited to announce that we are working with FL-602 to bring data dashboards to all Continuums of Care across the country.  By providing feedback and support, Gulf Coast Partnership is helping Gaither Dynamic become a pioneer in the field of automated data visualization dashboards. I look forward to …

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Community Data Dashboard Feedback Survey Now Available

We are looking for feedback on our new GaitherDyn Community Data Dashboard, viewable here: https://gaitherdyn.com/dashboard/ Please take a few minutes to view the dashboard and then take the survey using the button below to give us your feedback so that we can make the most effective community dashboard possible. We …

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Demonstration Video Added

I’ve added a demonstration video that goes into more detail on how reports are turned into dashboards using GaitherDyn software. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFFMgHNUvDA

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APR Data Dashboard

I first began making data dashboards out of necessity. I found that while many software vendors offered some sort of data visualization within their product, few had the ability to display visualizations on public websites. This is what started me on the journey of creating dashboards, using Tableau Desktop, so …

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Chief Executive Officer

In a realm often dominated by complexity, Gaither Stephens has carved a unique niche for himself and his company, Gaither Dynamic, by approaching data with sophistication and style.

Gaither’s technical journey commenced with an 18-year stint in the radio industry, orchestrating IT and automation with an uncommon blend of precision and artistry. This was more than mere management; it was a graceful dance with technology that turned the mundane into something extraordinary…


Chief Operating Officer

Meet Lance Mendenhall, the COO of Gaither Dynamic, a technical maestro with a penchant for problem-solving, and a mind as sharp as a mathematician’s compass. His journey with Gaither Dynamic started long before the company’s inception, back in the buzzing radio stations of Cincinnati, Ohio. And no, it wasn’t WKRP, but the experience was every bit as memorable!

A long-time Cincinnati area native with a degree in Computer Science from Xavier University, Lance found his calling in programming…

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