CEO Gaither Stephens Presents at National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) 2022

Gaither Stephens presented at the 2022 National Human Services Data Consortium conference in Minneapolis, MN on March 30, 2022.

DETAILS: Data is a powerful tool sitting at almost every organization’s
fingertips, but it is often ignored, misused, or misunderstood. Learn
how data can empower and transform you, your organization, and your
community.Learn how to ask hard questions and identify useful,
real-world problems, and more importantly, solutions to those problems.
We will explore critical topics such as racial and gender equity, how to
navigate HUD reporting (System Performance Measures, LSA, HIC/PIT,
NOFO, how one community effectively ended both chronic and veteran
homelessness, and why your data is too important to ignore. We will also
present data dashboard examples and how they can be used to visually
identify data of interest quickly and effectively.

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