AI in Social Services – A presentation by Gaither Stephens @ NHSDC Spring 2024 in Kansas City, MO

In our recent presentation at the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) Spring 2024 conference in Kansas City, MO, we explored the significant role of artificial intelligence, particularly AI Chatbots including ChatGPT, in transforming social services. Our session highlighted the practical benefits of AI in enhancing operational efficiency and advocating for increased funding. We demonstrated how AI could streamline workflows, enhance communication, and provide strategic insights, all without deep technical knowledge. The use of AI not only optimizes current resources but also helps to mitigate the effects of resource scarcity and builds a strong case for further investment. Our discussion underscored the transformative potential of AI tools in improving the quality and reach of services provided by social organizations. We encourage all stakeholders to view the recorded session to understand how innovative technologies can fulfill immediate needs and forge a resilient infrastructure for the future.

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